NTL Episode 6 Stoof Cont

Hahli, adamant, cocks her gun. Takua jumps from the click. Hahli frustrated, begins to yell at Takua “I’ll give you three seconds to give us answers. If you don’t, you can guess what happens…”

Takua tries his best to stay calm, but his voice is obviously shaky. “I said I know nothing. I was just in the wrong place at the right time. Besides, how will you feel when you find I’m innocent? Hard to believe, I know, but I have some people waiting on me. I’ll repeat myself again. I’m. Not. Guilty”

Hahli, undeterred, begins the countdown. “One…two…”

“ENOUGH” Jaller yells, snatching Hahli’s pistol out of her hand. “We’ll continue this interrogation tomorrow. Let’s meet outside, everyone. I’ll have a word along with the prisoner”

The Inika all walk out and wait on Jaller. Jaller walks behind a shaken Takua, and grabs his restraints. In a surprise move, he cuts them off. Takua, obviously confused, is about to run, but restrained by Jaller.

“Bide your time” Jaller says to Takua “There’s a weak spot on the side of the shack. You can bust out through there. Wait about an hour or two”

Takua silently nods, whispering “Thank you” as Jaller exits the warehouse.

Jaller greets a frustrated Inika outside. Hewkii complains to Jaller. “We still haven’t gotten an answer out of that Ta-Matoran. I’m starting to think he might actually be innocent…”

Hahli quickly snaps back “He’s guilty, Hewkii. Whatever he’s hiding, it’s so important he’ll protect it to the death. I wonder what lies Makuta has had to whisper to him to convince him to turncoat.”

Jaller quickly intervenes. “We can worry about that later. Our biggest priority is the leak in the department. Does anyone have any guesses?”

Matoro answers his question. “Currently, I’ve got a list of who could be behind it. We’ll need to figure this out together. We can’t head to the department, the leak could see we’re onto him. We’ll have to rendezvous at Hahli’s place later. Is everyone fine with this plan?”

Everyone agrees with Matoro, and pledge to rendezvous at Hahli’s house

Matoro speaks once again. “Hopefully we can plug this leak once and for all”


The Badlands of Ta-Metru earn their name. Once a thriving part of the city, it was brought into ruin by the Morbuzakh. The buildings had since been abandoned by their original inhabitants, but new beings have made their residence in here.

A small forge sits comfortably besides the many other buildings. It looks rather small and appears very innocent…

The basement, however, is a very big interior. It seemed to be an underground factory, since there was little room above ground. And it sure isn’t abandoned…

Ahkmou and Nuhrii, located in this forge, look at the Toa Metru files on a table, reading through it over and over. Ahkmou slams the files down in frustration. “We haven’t gotten anywhere with this!” He exclaims. “Most of the stones had already been found. I can just steal them from the department. It’d be much quicker and easier than what we’re doing…”

Nuhrii, annoyed, with Ahkmou, sharply replies. “It’s that kind of noise and attitude that hasn’t got us anywhere. For once, I’d like to hear you be silent. Besides, we don’t even know where they hide the stones. Furthermore, this is about preventing the departments from getting more stones. It’d make our mission much harder.”  

Ahkmou promptly shut up as they silent read through the files. Shortly after Ahkmou’s silencing, Nuhrii raises his finger, excitingly announcing “I got it”

Ahkmou perks his head up and goes to Nuhrii’s side of the table. “You found the location of one of the stones?”

“Yes” Nuhrii says. “I think Nuju’s Toa Stone may be in a nearby Knowledge Tower where he used to work in. To lower suspicion and risk, I’m going to need you to do this by yourself, Ahkmou. Hopefully you’re smart enough to find a simple Toa Stone?”

“Y-yes” Ahkmou stutters. “I’ll try to find an excuse to go to Ko-Metru. I’ll be heading to the department now”

“Good” is the only word to come out of Nuhrii’s mouth as Ahkmou quickly departs.


Ahkmou is talking with Kalama about his leave. Words are inaudible, but Ahkmou does leave for Ko-Metru. Ahkmou, after a very long trek, reaches the abandoned knowledge towers. These structures no longer served a purpose. He tracks down the one Nuju used to work in and quickly ascends it. Ahkmou is wary of the dilapidated condition of the tower, and his life is risked many times. Finally, he makes it to the top of the tower. There isn’t much here to look for, most of it has been looted. Ahkmou, frustrated, begins to stomp around trying to search for it, when he throws a shard of ice onto the telescope on the platform outside, where he suddenly gets an epiphany. He shatters the lens of the telescope, and sees Nuju’s Toa Stone lying inside it. Ahkmou happily snatches it and leaves


The Inika have met at Hahli’s house, and have been working on who the suspects may be.

“Alright” Matoro says. “We’ve narrowed our list down to three people: Kaj, a recent transfer from Onu-Metru; he arrived a month before the incident. We then have Agni, a long-time member who has been appearing at work less and has been seen going through the Ta-Metru badlands recently. Finally, we have Ahkmou, who has a very special interest in the portal incidents and the Toa stone hunt.”

Kongu further elaborates. “We can have two people shadowing each Matoran.” Kongu guiltily looks at Hahli “I’m afraid Hahli will not be able to help during this mission, so one of us is going to have to go solo.” Kongu notices the depressed look on Hahli’s face.

“I’ll go solo” Jaller says. “Now we have to decide who we’re going to shadow. Nuparu and Hewkii, you can follow Kaj; Matoro and Kongu, you follow Agni. I’ll follow Ahkmou” Jaller turns to Hahli “And Hahli can go to the department and investigate there”

Hewkii clapped his hands together. “Alright!” he said. “We can start tomorrow! We’ll all meet near the department building. See you all then”

Everyone departs Hahli’s house, going their separate ways. Once everyone had left, Hahli sighed and sat down in a chair.


It is night 9 in everyone’s stalking. Currently, no one has done anything suspicious. It is the same boring routine.

Hewkii and Nuparu are once again following Kaj. Kaj lives a whiles away and his living conditions are less than stellar. The duo stalk Kaj in the shadows. Hewkii quietly groans “I think this guy is innocent, Nuparu. Can’t we just give it up?”

“No Hewkii” Nuparu responds “I admit Kaj hasn’t done anything suspicious, but we never know, let’s keep going”

Soon after, the two notice Kaj go into one of the alleys. They quicken their pace and turn into the alley. They lean into the alley, seeing Kaj taking down a Vo-Matoran robbing a Ce-Matoran, cuffing him and reassuring the Ce-Matoran. Hewkii and Nuparu quickly go back some steps and discuss amongst themselves

Hewkii looks concerned. “Kaj just kind of did that unconditionally. A brotherhood supporter would probably help that guy rob the Matoran”

“It’s entirely possible that was all staged, Hewkii. He may be aware of us”

“We didn’t see them on our scan-over. Clearly this ain’t staged”

“Oh well, we’ll just keep doing it then”

“Yeah. Until we get something solid, I guess. I still think this is a waste of time.”

“We can only wait and see…”


Kongu and Matoro are following Agni through the badlands. They also are doubting Agni’s guiltiness

“Matoro, I say we just stop now. This firespitter isn’t guilty”

“Kongu, what if tomorrow, the day after we stop stalking him, Agni does something? We’ll never know because you called off the search too early.”

The two returned to silence, watching Agni enter his living quarters as he did his average routine

“We’ll call it a night in a couple of hours”


Jaller stalked Ahkmou as he went on his daily routine. He went from the department straight to his home, where he promptly went to sleep. Ahkmou was always over-working. He had dedication. Jaller thought about the progress the others are making. Before he could think anymore, he saw Ahkmou take a different route. Jaller followed, but it was extremely hard to keep track of him. He was going through multiple alleys and streets to avoid being followed. Very suspicious. Jaller could only barely keep track of where he was going; he had lost him a couple of times. As Ahkmou progressed, the buildings surrounding Jaller grew more and more dilapidated, until Jaller knew where they were. The Badlands. At this point Jaller drew his gun. He could be rushed at any minute by anyone. The extra-wary Jaller observed Ahkmou entering a small forge. Jaller, knowing he couldn’t just go through the front door, found some exhaust pipes in the back of the store, probably where the smoke would’ve come out of before the Morbuzakh attack. Jaller, doing his best not to make any noise, descended down the pipe to find a small opening in the top of a basement. His eyes widened at what he saw. Ahkmou and another Ta-Matoran talking to what appeared to be a black and crimson flame. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, tempting Jaller to get closer, but that would be suicide. Just after this thought rushed into his head, the shadow looked straight at Jallers position and he suddenly felt a shock of pain in his shoulder as he fell to the ground. While his vision faded, he saw Ahkmou and the Ta-Matoran, the latter holding the gun that shot him. Then everything faded to black


Jaller wakes with Ahkmou standing over him. Trying to keep a straight face, he simply asks “where are the rest of the Toa stones?”

A confused Jaller, still dazed, replies “what?”

“You heard me. The department have 3 Toa stones and we want to know where they are”

Jaller regains himself. “I don’t know where they are. Even if I did, they’ll probably be transferred to another secure locat-“

Before he could finish his sentence, the butt of a pistol whacks against Jallers Hau, cracking it slightly.

Ahkmou, very frustrated, promptly replies “You know where they are! Tell me! Or else I’m going to put a bullet through your skull!”

The gun is quickly snatched by Nuhrii, who whacks Ahkmou with it, albeit not as hard.

“Imbecile. He won’t break easy. Go practice your savage methods on some other unsuspecting Matoran. Maybe that Ga-Matoran Jaller hangs around. After all, she is handicapped…”

Jaller stays unphased by Nuhrii’s threat. Nuhrii walks away from Jaller, saying to the empty room “Makuta. Could you please help me extract the information out of this individual?

Makuta’s apparition drifted towards Jaller. “It will not be difficult at all.”


Everyone has regrouped at Hahli’s house, all except for Jaller. They have waited an hour or two and he has not showed up.

“Something’s gone wrong” Hahli says, as she paces around the room

“Well, no-duh” Hewkii replies in a sharp tone.

Nuparu intervenes “At least we know who the mole is. Should we head to the department, or go interrogate the Matoran, see if he can tell us even more now that we can threaten him with this?”

Matoro answers “Since Takua isn’t that big of a threat, one person can go and talk to him. Kongu, can you do that?”

Kongu nods

“Good. Hewkii, Nuparu, we need to head to the station now.”

Matoro gives Hahli a quick glance. “I’m sorry, Hahli. Maybe you could go with Kongu?”

“No, I’ll be fine here. Jaller may just be late…”

Matoro nods and they all head out, once again leaving Hahli behind

Kongu rushes to the warehouse, fumbling the keys as he goes. He grinds to a halt in front of the door. He unlocks it and heads inside

“Well, Ta-Matoran, it seems that we have caught-grabbed the person behi-“

The chair is empty, a hole in the side of the warehouse. Kongu curses under his breath, as he runs out. “I got to quick-warn the others!”

Matoro. Hewkii, and Nuparu also hurry to the station. Hewkii worriedly yells to his comrades “We need to go faster! Come on, the station is right there! We need to warn them-“

Before they enter the building, a massive ball of fire erupts from it. Pieces of debris fly all over the place, thankfully missing the trio.

They all look upon the devastation with fearful eyes.

The inferno spreads, jumping from building to building, as the overcrowded buildings provide the flames with more than enough fuel. Almost immediately after this happens, gunfire is heard throughout the streets, as they being to be swarmed with Matoran as they slaughter the civilians.

“I didn’t know there were these many Brotherhood supporters!” Hewkii yells. The trio have regained themselves and have found cover behind a car. Nuparu shoots back, felling the Matoran. “We need to hold them off as long as possible!” All three of the Matoran begin unloading their pistols onto the Matoran. Their aim is sharp, and many fall dead on the streets. However, more and more keep coming, as a barrage of bullets hits the car. As the car took the bullets, the three quickly ran for the alley. Not long after, the car exploded in a ball of fire. The trio climb up a ladder adorning the side of the building. Once upon the rooftop, Nuparu shoots the bolts on the ladder as hits the ground with a clang. “This will slow them down” Nuparu exclaims. “We need to get back to Hahli’s place. There will be more ammo there. Plus, we need to make sure Hahli’s alright. She’s at serious risk” The other two nod their heads as they run across the rooftops.

Meanwhile, Hahli, clutching a pistol, overlooks the destruction. A severe look of concern with a tinge of fear plastered on her face. “What in Mata Nui’s name is going on down there…?”


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