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Javix is a male Matoran of Lightning, member of Unity Squad, and twin of Lunux residing on Chalka Magna.


Early LifeEdit

Unlike most Matoran, Javix was created by Chalka to inhabit the Elementus System. He was placed in Daxus with his "twin", Lunux. There, the two opened a hardware store.

Krux's TreacheryEdit

Before he came into power, Toa Krux destroyed their store, without giving the twins any reason as to why. When the Chalka Magna Civil War started, Javix and Lunux signed up to join the Freedom Lines, wanting to get some form of revenge against Krux, who was now a Turaga and in power. They were assigned to a military base in Evos where they began their training. It was here that the two gave each other their nicknames: Javix became "North", and Lunux became "South".

Abilities, Tools, and TraitsEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Javix is laid back, and often considered the wisest of the group. He is very protective of the others, especially Lunux.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Matoran, Javix is unable to access the full ability of his element. However, his element does allow him resistance to electricity.



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