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Lunux is a female Matoran of Plasma, member of Unity Squad, and twin of Javix residing on Chalka Magna.


Early LifeEdit

Unlike most Matoran, Lunux was created by Chalka to inhabit the Elementus System. She was placed on Chalka Magna in the region of Daxus, along with her "twin", Javix. There, they opened a hardware store.


Before coming into power, Toa Krux destroyed Lunux's store for seemingly no reason, and promptly left. When the Chalka Magna Civil War began, Lunux and Javix sided with the rebels, the Freedom Lines, so that they could play a hand in the now Turaga's fall. The twins were assigned to a military base in the region of Evos, where they assigned each other nicknames: "North" for Javix, and "South" for Lunux.

Abilities, Tools, and TraitsEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lunux is loyal and stealthy. She has been known to find burning stuff entertaining. Lunux is not very agile, and is the shortest member of Unity Squad.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Matoran, Lunux does not have full access to her elemental powers. Her element does allow resistance to heat and sunlight, however.



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