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Naur is a male Toa of Fire.


Early LifeEdit


Break of DawnEdit




A New WorldEdit


Abilities, Tools, and TraitsEdit

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Powers and EquipmentEdit

Naur uses a sniper rifle and a longsword. His mask is a Great Huna which he uses to hide himself while sniping. He also has a jetpack.



  • Naur's theme is "I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin
    • Quick Warning: While there is no inappropriate language in the song, it does have a tiny bit of "screamo". Only a bit, C33 doesn't actually listen to screamo :P.
  • Naur's chatty nature is based off of Jun from Halo: Reach who is also a sniper.
  • Naur has recently been revamped, which will cause him to appear in new tales.
  • Naur scored a 13 on the Bionicle Mary Sue test, which is the Non-Sue.
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