Episode 1: Episode opens with the investigation of an officer's death by Kravus (a Bo-Matoran working with the Brotherhood) and Ahkmou. Because of it's paranormal nature (killed by an energy weapon that hasn't been seen since the Toa were wiped out), the to-be Inika are assigned to the case, and with several officers being dispatched to the southern MU, help is running short. A new division is formed by Chief Kalama (the Inika) out of the lab techs. Meanwhile Takua spies on a shipment delivered to Nuhrii (the main Brotherhood servant in Metru Nui) and then runs to tell the Po-Metru police.

Episode 2: Takua goes to the Po-Metru Police and bring them to the warehouse where he saw the Brotherhood soldiers but find that they cleared out. Takua then takes his case to the Inika (having just decided on the name just before he arrived) and bring them to the warehouse and find a trapdoor that leads down into the sewers. They then go to the Po-Metru police and bring a squad to the warehouse. The Inika and Takua are left outside. They start investigating the hole when Bernuc comes and kills the two remaining officers on the top.

The others come back up and an all-out battle starts, most of officers being killed. The Inika hear the combat and go in, leaving Takua outside. They battle Bernuc (the Vortixx brute), and Hahli defeats him by shooting his heartlight, which disables his bullet-proof abilities. He then flees. The Inika leave and capture Takua, blaming him for the officers' deaths. Meanwhile the shipment (containing parts to a portal) come into the Brotherhood's base in Ta-Metru. Makuta contacts them and tells them another shipment is on the way.

Episode 3: The Inika interrogate Takua, trying to find out if he is actually working for the Brotherhood of Makuta. He continually denies it. They can't break him and they leave. Meanwhile two Po-Matoran check on a warehouse and find that one of the components to the portal is missing.

At the Ta-Metru Police station the Inika come up where several other officers and Kalama are waiting. He then gives them all promotions. Suddenly a De-Matoran sniper begins firing on them. They all take cover and wait him out. He then runs out of ammo and leaves. The two Po-Matoran come up and tell Kalama that the component is missing. The Inika ask about it and he explains it.

It was an experimental teleport designed by the Makuta to get past the Great Barrier, but the Defenders discovered it and shut them down. They then scattered the parts across Metru Nui, changing their location every few weeks. Later, Hewkii returns to his home to be attacked by a Brotherhood assassin, but he kills him, only with a few wounds. He then leaves for Hahli's and explains what happened. Hahli invites him to stay for a few days.

That night Hahli has a nightmare about the day her village was destroyed. She then wakes up, but thinking she's still in the dream shoots her wall. She then realizes she's awake and drops the gun. Hewkii comes rushing in to see what happened. They then have a conversation about their pasts, Hahli explaining her loss, and Hewkii explaining him missing Macku.

Ahkmou storms into the Ta-Metru Brotherhood base, yelling at Nuhrii that his sniper didn't kill Hahli like he promised. Nuhrii says he will take them out as soon as possible. They then look to the two crates they have.

Episode 4: The Inika are called in because a miner in Onu-Metru has just found a Toa Stone left by Toa Whenua before he died. Amaya is introduced in this episode. They examine the Stone and verify it's realness. They are then called to Po-Metru where Onewa's Stone has been found. They then figure out that the Toa Metru must have made six Toa Stones and scattered them across Metru Nui before they died. They then decide to go about their lives as normal to find the other Stones because they had found two by accident.

Meanwhile Nuhrii threatens to kill Ahkmou for not leaking all he can to him. Ahkmou concedes to try his best, but Nuhrii wants everything. Back at the Police station Hahli is looking through psychological files of the Toa Metru when they find another Stone in Le-Metru. Hewkii thinks it's convenient that they have found three Stones in one day, but Hahli says Destiny is finally on their side.

Later that night Hahli is still looking through the files when everybody leaves. She quickly becomes frustrated and leaves herself. After she leaves Ahkmou comes in and kills a security guard. He then goes to the Inika's lab and grabs the Toa Metru files. Suddenly another security guard comes in and looks around.

Hahli arrives home and tries to go to sleep but can't. She then gets up and goes to Onu-Metru for the Archives. On the train she has a vision of Antroz is the car and shoots at him, but only to find that he wasn't real. They then arrive at the Archives and she leaves quickly. She walks through the section on the war when Bernuc attacks her. He chases her up to the top level when she shoots hm in the heartlight, crippling him. She then gets back on the chute train when attacked by six Brotherhood Matoran, but she defeats them all.

But as she's leaving the second-to-last one alive grabs a pistol and shoots her in the back. She falls to the ground and he dies. A Po-Matoran then stumbles on the scene and goes for help.

Episode 5: Hahli has been rushed to the nearest hospital and is being operated on for her wounds. The Inika and Amaya have gathered in the hospital. Amaya explains what had happened. There is one survivor, however. Jaller is about to go interrogate him when Amaya informs him of a lawsuit being filed against Hahli because of the shooting in the train.

Jaller then goes to interrogate the survivor: Boreas. Jaller and him converse about how Boreas got involved with the Brotherhood. He says he doesn't know anything except that they might be operating from the sewers in Po-Metru. Jaller is about to figure it out when Amaya comes in. They go outside and Amaya tells him that they found the Archives trashed. Jaller says it might have been the Vortixx.

It then hits him that it's the same sewer from episode 2 that Boreas meant and that they must be operating there. They then head off, Jaller ready to get revenge for Hahli. They arrive, the Inika and Amaya. They go down into the sewers, a few of them reluctant to go. They walk through the sewers when they overhear Kravus and Nuhrii arguing.

Kravus says that they're going too far. Nuhrii disagrees. Kravus quits and begins to walk away when Nuhrii kills him. The Inika run forward and find the secret door. They come into the base when Bernuc attacks them. They fight with the Vortixx, but almost get defeated when Amaya shoots him in the heartlight. It disables his bullet-proof armor and they kill him. Nuhrii slips away.

Back at the hospital Hahli has pulled through operation and is surrounded by the Inika. She has her nightmare again, but this time in plays all the way through, Kalama saving her at the end, bringing a conclusion to her dream. Amaya comes in and says that they found the dead guard and that the Toa Metru's files are gone. She says that there must be a leak within the department.

Episode 6:

So the main points I want you to cover in this episode:

This episode takes place a month after episode 5, with Hahli making a full recovery.

Show how Hahli's struggling with her wound and having to use a crutch.

Have another interrogation scene with Takua, but the Inika not being able to break him.

Show Ahkmou and Nuhrii trying to find the rest of the Toa Stones using the Toa Metru's files.

Near the end have Takua escape from his bonds in a warehouse in Po-Metru. The Inika find him gone. They then return to the Ta-Metru Police Station when it blows up before they go inside. They survive the explosion and go in to find survivors, but none are left.

They then find out that the other five Law Enforcement buildings had been bombed as well. Brotherhood servants then begin to storm the streets, the remaining Law Enforcement officers.

Ahkmou and Nuhrii reflect over their victory in their base. Makuta then contacts them and congratulates them. They then say that they have found a Stone, and they turn to Nuju's Toa Stone on the desk. Makuta says that if they could collect the other five Stones, they wouldn't need to find a power source for the portal.

Episode 7:

Episode takes place immediately after episode 6.

Hewkii, Nuparu and Matoro go back to Hahli's where she is ready to fight. They get more ammunition and go out. Along the way they meet a few Brotherhood servants and they fight them. During it Hahli breaks her cane and says she's fine.

Kongu comes back and finds them and tells them Takua's gone. They set out to find Jaller, saying they can't do anything more without him. When they reach the Badlands, they run into Takua, who is fleeing from the madness. They all draw their weapons on him, but he convinces them that he knows where Jaller is.

They go back to his place, a small structure in an alleyway. There Takua explains that Jaller was taken by Ahkmou and Nuhrii. They then use Pewku to go to the Forge.

They reach the forge and a massive shootout takes place, ending with Ahkmou and Nuhrii fleeing. They help Jaller and heal him.

In their new base, Nuhrii and Ahkmou fully assemble the portal. Now they have to get the last of the Stones. Suddenly a servant comes in with a file and gives it to them, showing them the current location of the Department's Stones. They quickly go out and find the warehouse and recover them.

The Inika then move through the streets, saying they need to recover the Stones before the Brotherhood. Suddenly they see the Brotherhood carrying out the Stones. They begin to fire on them. In the fight, they shoot Ahkmou and the Brotherhood flees without the Po-Matoran.

The Inika capture him and question him and get him to tell them their plan to use the portal to bring the Makuta through to Metru Nui to finally conquer the entire Universe. As they find this out, Nuhrii and the Brotherhood finally finds the last two Stones.

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