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Stahr Warz is a parody of the famous space-opera made by George Lucas. It is concurrent and parodies the universe in a light but humorous manner.

Diffrences between Star Wars and Stahr WarzEdit

Stahr Warz is a parody of Star Wars, so it should be noted that there are differences.

  • The characters and their names are different. In Star Wars, their names are just their names, so they are recognized by them. However, the names in Stahr Warz makes fun of the names in Star Wars and also gives off the traits of the characters. For example, Lay-Off Organic tried to stay away from organic foods and eats processed foods instead.
  • The events and objects are parodied and have added humor. While most things in Star Wars are serious, Stahr Warz is lighter and more humorous. It adds humor in order to keep the parody status.

Episodes and seriesEdit


  • Da Phantom Menace
  • Attack of da Clones
  • Revenge of da Sif
  • A (somewhat new) Hope
  • The Emperor strikes his back
  • Return of da Jedhi
  • Da Ford Awakens


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