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Stazin is a male Matoran of Ice, and member of Unity Squad.


Early LifeEdit

Unlike most Matoran, Stazin was created by the Great Being Chalka sometime around the reforming of Spherus Magna, and placed directly into the Elementus System, onto the planet Chalka Magna.

Chalka Magna Civil WarEdit

Thousands of years later, the Chalka Magna Civil War began, with Stazin staying neutral and taking up a job as a hunter, since many refugees would need food. However, the faction known as the Monarchs attacked the village where Stazin and many refugees lived, and killed many of the Matoran and Toa there. This act of atrocity caused Stazin to enlist in the military force of the Rebel faction. He was assigned to a bunkhouse with five other Matoran: Viretha, Hevson, Phynix, Javix, and Lunux, who would later give each other nicknames, which is where Stazin's nickname, "Oneshot", came from.

Escape from Evos, and Fleeing in the DunesEdit

The general ordered Stazin and the rest of Unity Squad to flee the base not long before it was bombed. They escaped into Daxus Dunes, where they crashed and began to run for the Ancient Temple.

Abilities, Tools, & TraitsEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit


Powers and EquipmentEdit

Being a Matoran, Stazin cannot access his elemental powers, or his Kanohi powers. However, he is able to use the scope of his mask to assist his already impressive sniping abilities. His equipment includes standard issue Chalka Magna Military armor, and his sniper rifle.


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