Outline part 1 Edit

·         Hahli wakes up from a peaceful rest; no longer experiencing her nightmare. She now huddles a crutch in her sleep, with her pistol lying on the desk beside her

·         Hahli, still struggling with her crutch, contemplates what she can do to help, a recurring thought during the past month

·         She arrives outside the Po-Metru warehouse, where she meets the Inika. After some discussion, they enter the warehouse to further interrogate Takua.

·         Since he has yet to crack, they use questionable methods, as they are frustrated by Takua’s resolve

·         Takua, convinces Jaller that he is innocent, with the rest of the Inika still adamant. When the rest of the Inika leave, Jaller loosens the restraints on Takua, telling him to bide his time and then high tail out of here.

·         Once Jallerarrives outside, the Inika began to chat about who the double-agent could be in the department. They make their guesses, and agree to shadow their suspects.

Outline part 2 Edit

·         Ahkmou and Nuhrii, having relocated to an abandoned factory (which was formerly attacked by the Morbuzakh) mull over the case files of the Toa Metru. Ahkmou, frustrated, lashes out at Nuhrii, who promptly quiets him. They look over Nuju’s file. They think his Toa Stone may be in one of the old ice towers which he used to work in. They then set off to Ko-Metru

·         Cuts to the Inika. They have narrowed the suspect list down to 3: Ahkmou, Kaj (member of Onu-Metru, but was transferred), and Agni (another Ta-Matoran force member). Hewkii and Nuparu agree to shadow Kah, Matoro and Kongu shadow Agni, and Jaller shadows Ahkmou. Hahli, due to her crutch, cannot help with the mission, increasing Hahli’s feeling of uselessness.

·         Hewkii and Nuparu follow Kaj around, quickly bored. He does nothing suspicious for the next few days, so he’s declared innocent.

·         Matoro and Kongu do the same with Agni, with a little more spice between the two Inika, though. The same conclusion is met, and they give up

·         Jaller, impatient, is about to give up on Ahkmou, when he notices Ahkmou taking a different route. He follows Ahkmou to the abandoned factory, where he spies on him and Nuhrii talking to Teridax. Teridax says something Jaller cannot understand, and then Nuhrii turns to Jallers exact location and shoots him, rendering him unconscious.

Outline part 3Edit

·         When Jaller wakes, he sees Ahkmou standing over him. He demands to know where the Toa Stones the department recovered went. Jaller refuses, naturally, so Ahkmou begins to torture Jaller physically. Nuhrii, enraged at Ahkmou, lets Jaller heal, where he later tortures him psychologically.

·         Nuhrii and Ahkmou continue their conversation with Teridax, and Ahkmou reveals he has Nuju's Toa stone. Terdiax tells them if they can find the other Toa stones, there will be no trouble for powering the teleporter. Nuhrii proudly states that they already figured this out and have been torturing Jaller for the location. Nuhrii later proclaims the next part of his plan…

·         Although Jaller is captured, the Inika now know who is the double agent. They go back to interrogate Takua on where Ahkmou may be, only to find him missing.

·         Anxious, they quickly go to the Ta-Matoran department building, but it explodes, with no survivors, except the Inika, who were outside the building

·         They quickly discover the destruction of the other police buildings, confused and slightly afraid. After trying to find help, the streets begin to swarm with Brotherhood supporters, as they slaughter other Matoran and cause havoc. The Inika hold them off as long as possible, but they are forced to retreat

·         Episode ends with Hahli in her room looking out the window, witnessing the smoke and carnage, muttering to herself “What in Mata Nui’s name is going on down there?”

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