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    Well, while I was was waiting for invader to come and chat today, TheEmeraldWoman, a friend of mine, came on and wanted to chat with me. Unfortunatly, Invader was not there for that nice little chat, but, I'd like you guys to stop by and welcome her! She is a great friend of mine, and deserves some respect!

    BTW, here's a picture if you don't believe me:

    Anyways, stop bye and say hi! She would appreciate it!

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    It's come to me that we should make a vote whether or not Ahkmou should be the wiki's mascot. He already is on the wiki' logo, and he was the first pag catagorized in the catagory "Matoran". So what do you guys think? Do we need Ahkmou as our mascot?

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    First BLOG Post

    February 16, 2014 by BIONICLEToa

    Hello, peoples! This the the CVW's first blog post. I'm here to say that not ONLY am I an admin, I'm here to say that the CVW's creation is finally done, and that it is ready to be a full-scale wiki!

    I'd also like to say that Ahkmou could be our potential mascot, as long as he can come into the Chalkaverse in a story. If not, he's still on our wiki's main page, so it'll be hard to miss him. ;)

    Anyways, if you need some info on the Chalkaverse, get info from Chalka or read some stuff (That's what I'm doing!) Have a fun time, guys! (BTW, there are some special rewards on this wiki, so edit any way you can!)

    This was BIONICLEToa. Have fun editing!

    BIONICLEToa! May the speed of Pohatu be with you! 00:12, February 16, 2014 (UTC)

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