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  • Chalk33

    Site Updates

    April 16, 2015 by Chalk33

    "Gathered friends, stuff is happening!" -Tuaga Vakama (probably)

    Hey chaps! Got a few announcements to make.

    First off, rewriting Freedom Lines, though you probably knew that already.

    Secondly, the wiki shall be undergoing many updates in the near future. I've had some extra training in wiki management thanks to the DAUW (don't ask what it is, find it yourself >:P), so I now see what I've been doing wrong here. Things that will be updated primarily include the navbar and templates. Navigating around the wiki will become much smoother, and I am looking forward to it.

    I think that's all. Thanks for reading and for your support

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  • Chalk33

    Storyline Update Again

    December 29, 2014 by Chalk33

    Just some quick, albeit important, updates.

    Firstly, I'm once again canceling Dawn and Dusk (the first time was waaaaay back when it was a trilogy). You may be asking "Why are you doing that, Master Chalka?" And I reply "I shall tell you, lowly peasant!" It is because I am WAY WAY WAY WAY too hyped to start A New World. Which is why I shall be working on it soon (whenever I get bored of Pokemon Omega Ruby. Like that'll happen :P.) I plan on giving it a pretty straightforward chapter structure. Each chapter will focus on one side of the story, and it will always be in the same order. Currently, there are 4 sides to the story. I won't name them :P.

    Secondly, I thought there was a second point, but there isn't. Tee hee.

    Well, that is all. Farewell,…

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  • Chalk33

    December Story Update

    December 8, 2014 by Chalk33

    Just a few quick things I'd like to announce.

    Freedom Lines has been written up to Chapter 5. I've done a quick calculation, and it looks like it'll turn out to be 13 Chapters total: Prologue, Chapters 1-11, Epilogue. I can't wait to start Chapter 6 :D.

    As for Dawn and Dusk, I haven't done any work on it since I released the prologue on CBW. Just like when I first began it, I have no clue what to do past a certain point :/.

    I have been conceptualizing a completely original storyline: not a fanfiction of anything, though it will, naturally, take inspiration from other stuff. I have yet to decide a time period. It's going to be fantasy-oriented (elves and orcs and such), so it'll either be your typical fantasy setting (no concrete or cars or tech…

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  • Chalk33

    Bionicle Storyline News

    August 2, 2014 by Chalk33

    So, I have made a new decision regarding my Bionicle storyline (and my Star Wars one too :P). I am officially postponing all my works other than Freedom Lines and Crimson Snow. What is that? You ask me "why?"? I shall tell you, beloved reader and/or friend. I AM REBOOTING MY ORIGINAL BIONICLE TRILOGY! To find out more, you must stay tuned >:D.


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  • Chalk33

    New Idea!

    June 22, 2014 by Chalk33

    So, I'm thinking about starting my own Pokemon region filled with a bunch of other stuff (including fakemon and canon pokemon).

    Reasons I should do this:

    • This site contains many reasons >:D

    Got any thoughts or ideas on this idea?

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