Just some quick, albeit important, updates.

Firstly, I'm once again canceling Dawn and Dusk (the first time was waaaaay back when it was a trilogy). You may be asking "Why are you doing that, Master Chalka?" And I reply "I shall tell you, lowly peasant!" It is because I am WAY WAY WAY WAY too hyped to start A New World. Which is why I shall be working on it soon (whenever I get bored of Pokemon Omega Ruby. Like that'll happen :P.) I plan on giving it a pretty straightforward chapter structure. Each chapter will focus on one side of the story, and it will always be in the same order. Currently, there are 4 sides to the story. I won't name them :P.

Secondly, I thought there was a second point, but there isn't. Tee hee.

Well, that is all. Farewell, my friends and colleagues,


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