I BET YOU'RE WONDER- sorry didn't mean to yell. I bet you're wondering why I put "ugh" in the title. Well, it's because I'm going to stop writing Bionicle for a while. Don't worry, I'm at least going to finish A New World and Freedom Lines. After that I'm moving on until I stop being bored with Bionicle. So here comes the reason for this blog: I want to know what the 3 or 4 (I don't remember how many) of you think I should do next. I'm going to use this handy table that I stole found next to a dude I killed some sleeping dude.

Options For My Future FanFic Shtuff
Subject Star Wars Halo
Character Models With Star Wars, I have no way to show what my characters look like (nobody suggest art, I won't do it. With Halo, I can make the characters in Halo 4.
Settings In Star Wars, there's no way to show custom settings, such as the hidden Jedi Temple on Otoh Gunga. With Halo, I can edit the maps in Halo 4 (or others, if need be).
Storyline With Star Wars, I'll be able to appeal to more people around here (I think), and I already have much of the story thought up in my head. What with Halo being rated M (except Halo Wars, but let's not go there), I know some of you won't be as interested in it. I also don't have much of the story thought out.

Well, there you go. Please tell me which you'd rather me do, and I'll take it into consideration. Also, here is what one of the characters for the Halo stuff would look like.

Chalk33 black 0

Thanks for reading

~~ C33

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